Last year,
V4BG produced and published
more than 500 videos.

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to DISCOVER how we combine
the EMPOWERMENT of a Sales Rally with
the MAGIC of Video to create a
Video WOW Day!


Don't forget about the modern age's most powerful medium: VIDEO
Kevin Graham also runs... V4BG and KGWOW


Video for Business Growth

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Video for business growth

V4BG provides full service video production, placement and promotion services. Imagine incorporating video into your sales training investment:

  • Leverage content for training of future new hires

  • Capture the energy of your sales team(s) for corporate benefit

  • Create individual How To segments from your best and brightest

  • Capturing video content extends the value of your training investment

The mere presence of video production at your training event instills life and energy in all participants... making it a show to remember.

KGWOW Family of Media Brands

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KGWOW Family of Media Brands

Includes professional video interviews in a news format (KGNOW), promotional video reviews (KGPOW) and other third party media endorsement opportunities:

  • KGWOW... remarkable video for business growth

  • KGNOW... insightful, non-political news stories

  • KGPOW... sizzling reviews that pop, pop, pop

  • KGHOW... modern empowerment in seconds

  • KGBOW... spiritual content for love and aspiration

The possibilities are endless. Third party media endorsements can be priceless.