Kevin Graham delivers his empowering program "Zero to Video in 45 Minutes."

Kevin Graham delivers his empowering program "Zero to Video in 45 Minutes."

"Zero to Video in 45 Minutes" EXPECTED OUTCOMES

1. Understand the basic Do's and Dont's of high-quality video production

Your teams will walk away with a working understanding of high-quality video production, including:

  • Key components of high-quality video
  • Equipment required for producing good video content
    • and yes, sometimes it is just a smartphone
  • How to provoke the problem and present the solution
  • How to answer the obvious questions
  • The Call To Action mandate

2. Become proficient in properly-placing videos... so that seekers find you

Your teams will understand the basics of proper video placement, including:

  • Diligence required to ensure search engines are enabled so seekers find you
  • Where to place your video content (HINT: YouTube... but NOT always!)
  • Key components of proper placement, such as: titles, keywords, tags and descriptions
  • Best practices to ensure relevance with your target market

3. Gain a glimpse into the magical world of precision-marketing for maximum impact

Your teams will gain insight into the holy grail of video promotion - precision marketing:

  • Determining the demographics of your target market
  • Identifying where your target market lives online
  • How to engage your primary audience effectively
  • How to measure success and persist with positive outcomes