"Bad news early, is good news..."

"Bad news early, is good news..."


  Qualifying is the most important step in the sales process; this program will empower your teams with expert qualifying skills..

Designed as a half-day, four-hour program that can also be shortened to less than one hour and extended to as long as one week, which would include significant small breakout sessions, role-playing and other exercises and experiential programs including live sales calls.

The program features an overarching presentation around the importance of qualifying as the single most important step in the sales process. Far too many sales professionals invest incredible amounts of time on deals that WILL NEVER CLOSE.

As Kevin Graham says: "Bad news early, is good news."

Your teams will be empowered by a complete understanding of the qualifications of the deals specific to your unique business model and selling cycles. This knowledge and understanding will be reinforced with proven tactics and strategies / methodologies to ensure the sellers are capable of quickly qualifying new opportunities.

Imagine real pipelines full of real potential deals... not deals that are merely suspected of being real... real qualified opportunities!

By eliminating the crud in your pipelines, your sellers will be free to prospect more often and find more REAL opportunities... which can dramatically impact sales results. And sellers will be liberated from the obsession of focusing on non-deals.

This program features pragmatic approaches toward knowing deal essentials - specific to your business model and selling cycles. AND, toward a relentless understanding of how to investigate those qualifications early in the sales process... all while honoring customer sensitivities and the buying protocols of large enterprises right down to entrepreneurial small business prospects.

Customer service and entertaining clients is important, but keeping a perspective on job number one is critical for sales success.

As Kevin Graham says: "Sales professionals are highly intuitive and that's not a bad thing; but it is a risk factor, as process and execution are critical for sales success. Proven process and crisp execution drive results!"

It is essential to your seller's success that they stop wasting time on non-deals and that is why qualifying is the most important step in the sales process. This program will empower your sellers to quickly qualify new opportunities.

And guess what, there's a massive bonus from investing in qualifying skills:

Proper qualification includes all the standards, plus additional aspects specific to your value proposition:

  • Engaging the right buyer contact(s) - and stop wasting time with players with no real impact

  • Covering your bases - not everyone needs to say yes but just about anyone can say no

  • Knowing the essentials of your deals: financial, strategic, tactical, technical and others.

  • Gaining customer commitment and using tools to confirm

    • Ie, verification emails and Sequence to Close communications

  • Uncovering hidden objections and surprises early

  • Identifying personal wins and executive-level ego drivers

This program is delivered by Kevin Graham, who has a long track record of significant revenue growth, strategic wins, new logo signings and many Presidents Clubs... all from within market-leading brands in the ultra-competitive high-tech sector.

Some highlights from Kevin Graham's sales and leadership career include:

  • Qualified for President's Club: Merisel, 3COM, Ingram Micro, Kofax and IBM

  • Launched a new sales division for a Fortune 50 to $1B in less than 18 months

  • Awarded #1 Vendor by HP's Image and Print Group after training 350 Technical Consultants

  • Awarded IBM Worldwide Rookie of the Year and closed then-largest Watson Content Analytics deal

  • Built out a new contact center to more than 200 associates within two years, including significant market share gains