The Evolution of Sales

The business of selling has gone through a number of transitions over the decades.

Through my forty-plus year career, I’ve experienced incredible success as a sales professional, including aggressive revenue growth, strategic wins, new logo signings, and many, many President's Clubs... all within market-leading brands.

As a former IBM Worldwide Rookie of the Year, I’ve also carried the Olympic Torch and played in a National Championship.

I first characterize the era of HUSTLE. Selling was a numbers game. Work harder than the next guy, and you'll likely end up on top of the board.

Then selling went through what I characterize as the COLUMBO era... when it was all about asking questions. Leading with questions. Digging at the problem.

Questions like "What keeps you up at night?" Or, "tell me about your business?"

In today's world, there's very little tolerance of that approach. You need to CHALLENGING the customer.

Prospects expect sellers to understand their business, their competitive landscape and bring bonafide business and systems recommendations to empower their success.

You've got to provoke the prospect with insightful thinking.

Do you know what's best for your customer?

Then get out there and provoke a meeting!

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