"Prospecting is like fitness..."

"Prospecting is like fitness..."


This powerful program is designed to empower teams to generate more leads and build new relationships with PROVEN TACTICS + SALES PSYCHOLOGY.

Designed as a half-day, four-hour program that can also be shortened to less than one hour and extended to as long as one week, which would include significant small breakout sessions, role-playing and other exercises and experiential programs including live sales calls.

The program features an overarching psychology of prospecting that compares prospecting to a fitness regiment... where fear, uncertainty and doubt rear their ugly heads at every corner.. but through persistence the process becomes easier, distractions are removed, tasks are handled more effectively, results follow... and it actually becomes enjoyable.

As Kevin Graham says: "If you're prospecting for three hours every third Thursday, you'll develop neither fitness nor effectiveness."

The No Quota
Another key element of the psychology of prospecting includes embracing The No Quota, which essentially highlights the reality that in order for any sales professional to reach their Yes Quota, they first must experience rejection... so the seller is trained to embrace rejection and maintain confidence and swagger as they experience the real journey toward hitting their quota.

Other Fundamentals
Along with fundamental psychological breakthroughs, your team(s) of sellers will experience some of the most empowering prospecting tactics and strategies of modern selling, including:

  • How to target the right contact and stop wasting time on all others

  • How to prepare for the initial sales call

  • How to gain the prospect's interest quickly

  • How to make the proper pitch in a compelling

  • How to book a record number of new client meetings

  • A seemingly endless list of proven tactics and strategies

  • How to maintain control, even with the toughest of prospects

  • How to avoid common sales mistakes and uncomfortable outcomes

  • Social selling, Relationship selling, Inbound marketing techniques and other modern methodologies

This program is delivered by Kevin Graham, who has a long track record of significant revenue growth, strategic wins, new logo signings and many Presidents Clubs... all from within market-leading brands in the ultra-competitive high-tech sector.

Some highlights from Kevin Graham's sales and leadership career include:

  • Qualified for President's Club: Merisel, 3COM, Ingram Micro, Kofax and IBM

  • Launched a new sales division for a Fortune 50 to $1B in less than 18 months

  • Awarded #1 Vendor by HP's Image and Print Group after training 350 Technical Consultants

  • Awarded IBM Worldwide Rookie of the Year and closed then-largest Watson Content Analytics deal

  • Built out a new contact center to more than 200 associates within two years, including significant market share gains