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    You'll never make money more quickly than when you negotiate HINT: It begins long before the introduction.

Designed as a half-day, four-hour program that can also be shortened to less than one hour and extended to as long as one week, which would include significant small breakout sessions, role-playing and other exercises and experiential programs including live sales calls.

The program features an overarching presentation around the power of negotiating... and the risk of discounting unnecessarily. Few sellers understand the drastic impact to bottom lines by giving away profit and the value of a basis point. It's criminal how many sellers rush to discount in an effort to gain a sale. 

Effective negotiation involves being prepared and recognizing the essence of value-based selling. Discounting is rarely a mandate to closing sales... but discounting is often mandating by poor initial prospecting, a lack of understanding of the seller's true value proposition, not underscoring the client's pain and not approaching things from a partnered perspective.

This program will empower your sellers to work with their prospects and customers in a partnered manner, one that ensures value is maintained AND the deal gets done.

This program includes a virtually endless list of negotiating gambits and tactics that your sellers don't necessarily need to utilize... in fact there are many that your sellers should definitely NOT be using... BUT YOUR SELLERS NEED TO BE PREPARED WHEN THE PROSPECTS USES THESE TACTICS ON THEM.

Knowing how to diffuse negotiating tactics if often times the most empowering aspect of negotiations training. For instance, in many enterprise negotiations, it is indeed true that "buyers are liars."

Your sellers will learn how Kevin Graham once closed an $800M deal that came down to a single negotiating ultimatum and the proven technique he used to diffuse the ultimatum and win client flexibility and acceptance.

It's true... you'll never make money faster than when you negotiate. This is high-value training that can dramatically impact your organizations top and bottom line performance.

This program leverages classic negotiation training and deep personal experience.

This program is delivered by Kevin Graham, who has a long track record of significant revenue growth, strategic wins, new logo signings and many Presidents Clubs... all from within market-leading brands in the ultra-competitive high-tech sector.

Some highlights from Kevin Graham's sales and leadership career include:

  • Qualified for President's Club: Merisel, 3COM, Ingram Micro, Kofax and IBM

  • Launched a new sales division for a Fortune 50 to $1B in less than 18 months

  • Awarded #1 Vendor by HP's Image and Print Group after training 350 Technical Consultants

  • Awarded IBM Worldwide Rookie of the Year and closed then-largest Watson Content Analytics deal

  • Built out a new contact center to more than 200 associates within two years, including significant market share gains