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At Empowered Sales Training, we recognize that it can be a real challenge for any sales leader to select the right sales training company. Sure, there are world class programs available which typically come with a high price tag. Some programs offer their own proprietary methodology. But like the signature programs, how do you know they will be applicable to your specific business model and selling cycles?

Select your current role to see if Empowered Sales Training is a good fit for you:

Empowered Sales Training leverages deep personal experience, gems from industry icons, classic sales methodologies and innovative practices toward ensuring your team is empowered for sales success. Selecting the right training company ensures improvement and lasting change. The following are important considerations when selecting a sales training company.

  • Training Objective – clarity of purpose based on a needs assessment
  • Quality of Content – the leverage of best practices and proven methodologies ensures effectiveness
  • Delivery – dynamic sales presentation and engagement of attendees ensures improvement and lasting change
  • Customization – driving participation, retention and practical application
  • Budget – quality sales training is a good investment

Each of these considerations is important and no sales training company will be a perfect fit for every company. Depending on your role in the organization, you likely have specific needs.


  Sales Executive

Whether you're a sales manager responsible for leading the day to day activities of a sales team or a sales executive charged with ensuring long term success, you know how easy it can be to lose sleep when the sales machine is not hitting on all cylinders. As sales professionals, we tend to be highly intuitive and that's not a bad thing; but it's also a risk factor as process and execution are critical for sales success. Is your sales organization challenged by any of the following?

  • Inconsistent sales results or poor forecasting capabilities
  • Uncertainty about coverage models or go-to-market strategies
  • Opportunities not closing fast enough and a lack of urgency among prospects
  • Limited understanding as to why deals were lost
  • An inability to garner the attention of key decision makers
  • Repeatedly losing deals to everyone's biggest competitor: Customer Does Nothing

    Sales Representative

Whether you're new to the sales field or a long standing sales professional, we know how challenging your world can be. Sure, tough customers may make you better but the grind of the marketplace can take its toll on anyone. Many customer-facing employees don't even see themselves as salespeople. But the reality is that we are all in sales. At any given moment, you are either buying or selling…. and as the old joke goes, if you're not selling you are indeed buying. As a sales representative, do you suffer from any of the following challenges?

  • Inconsistent productivity levels or motivational challenges
  • Inability to prioritize tasks or a consistent lack of focus
  • Excessive lost time due to sickness or other time off
  • Repeatedly losing deals to non-motivated prospects or unknown causes
  • Internal roadblocks that are unique to your firm

The reality of a sales professional is that if you're not bringing your A game on a day in, day out basis… we'll, you'll likely not remain in sales very long. It's just as important that the internal organization is structured for you to succeed in your role. There are many times that Empowered Sales Training will engage with a client and the majority of our recommendations are based on internal inhibitors that liberate the sales team to do what they do best – engage the marketplace and sell. The sales profession can be a real challenge for even the most enterprising and industrious of professionals… this stuffs chess, it aint checkers. Contact Empowered Sales Training to discover if our programs would be a good fit for your firm. Or if you prefer, click below to receive anyone of our valuable sales guides: Book More Meetings, Get The Decision Maker on the Phone, or the Top Ten Reasons Sales Professionals Fail on the Phone. Or click here to take the Empowered Sales Quiz.

Event Coordinator

As a meeting planner or event coordinator, we know what a challenge it can be to please everyone. From budget restrictions and ambiguous objectives to the constant complaints of the sales organization… pulling off an amazing event is darn near impossible. The devil is always in the detail and there's only so much time in the day. Empowered Sales Training wants to work with companies when there is a good fit based on our capabilities and your needs and resources. Many times that is not the case and since Kevin Graham serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association, chances are that he's in a good position to refer you to a great resource, if for some reason Empowered Sales Training is not right for you at this time.

If you're considering a sales, leadership or success speaker for your next event, contact Empowered Sales Training. Kevin Graham has been there / done that when it comes to sales success and his engaging style will ensure that your tough audience walks away inspired, entertained and empowered… for sales success. Testimonials are shown throughout the website and more can be found on Kevin Graham's Linked In profile. In addition, you can download Kevin Graham's Success Speaker one sheet.

What's Keeping You Up At Night?

If you experience any of the challenges listed above, take advantage of this offer from Empowered Sales Training today. Simply email Kevin Graham directly (everything is completely confidential) with a short description of one or more of your specific sales challenges. Within three business days, you'll receive a complimentary, highly confidential email back that will empower you to take the next step. In some instances, Kevin may refer you to a classic sales book or methodology that he feels would provide you greater clarity toward solving your sales riddle. In other scenarios, Kevin may provide a specific set of questions that you can ask of yourself and your sales organization (ranging anywhere from coverage models, incentive plans, go-to-market strategies, pipeline management, closing techniques and a whole host of other sales related dynamics). Regardless of the content, we guarantee that the response you receive from Empowered Sales Training will empower you to take further action. Losing sleep is no fun but it is healthy because it highlights issues that you NEED to act on. Take advantage of the What's Keeping You Up At Night offer from Kevin Graham and let's get your teams on track for sales success.

If you're not ready to engage us about your current challenges, that's OK. We still want to be a valuable resource for you. Click below to receive any one of our valuable sales guides: Empower Your Sales Team to Book More Meetings, Empower Your Sales Team to Get The Decision Maker on the Phone or the Top Ten Reasons Sales Professionals Fail on the Phone.

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